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Melbourne based martial arts school, Aiki-Centre provides a truly unique and fresh approach to achieving fitness and wellbeing. Providing a comprehensive study of Aikido, the fitness benefits of boxing, and the practical, everyday needs of self defence for personal safety.


Aikido is a martial art renowned for dynamic, fluid movement, promoting calm relaxed power a supple body and fitness. Aiki-Centre offers specialized and separate classes for children from five years of age through to teens and adults. Aiki-Centre also provides a range of Aikido seminars to suit corporate and business development needs. community and school based programs. Aikido Class Information for Adult and Children's classes at Aiki-Centre.

BOXING for Fitness

Authentic Boxing training, learn technique, quality circuit, high energy, great for improving fitness. Group and personal training available. Boxing For Fitness Information Flyer and session times.

SELF DEFENCE & Personal Safety Training

Practical Self Defence programs for individuals, family, corporate, schools and community organizations. Join our upcoming course led by Australia's most experienced instructor. Feel safer, increase confidence learn practical and highly effective self defence skills relevant to everyday situations and more. Aiki-Centre personal safety programs now include cyber safety and defence to increase safety online including strategies to prevent technology abuse. An excellent alternative to the martial arts combat or sport training approach.

Special Event: Aiki-Centre will conduct the next self defence course in 2024 - TBA

Private and small group training available email us for more details.

Further Self Defence Program Information.

The course is presented by Catherine Schnell with over 30 years experience and is Melbourne's leading and most respected provider of personal safety training. More recently Catherine has completed extensive cyber security training.

Interested in Aikido, Fitness Boxing or Self Defence and Cyber Safety?

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Self Defence Course

(5 weeks)

2024 Courses TBA


alternatively contact us for private Self Defence training session's

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COVID-19 Information

Aiki-Centre has Covid safe health practices and principles in place.


Watch the 8K Radius Lido Series featuring:

Catherine Schnell Sensei featured in an 8K Radius short doco shown at the opening of the Lido Cinema in 2015 directed by Clayton Jacobson with cinematography by Peter Falk


Aiki-Kids Classes

Children are welcome to join our classes at anytime during the year.

Aiki-Adult Classes

...and for adults this is a great time of the year to start. Check our

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Great way to start or finish the day, get fit and feel and look great. Check our session times.

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