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Aikido is a powerful and graceful martial art that relies on blending with the opponents force (Ki) rather than on physical strength to deal with an attack. The literal meaning of Aikido is ‘the way of harmony with the universe’. Aikido is a vigorous physical activity that fosters calmness and attention, improves fitness, enhances personal safety and is enjoyable and rewarding to learn.

The dynamic movements of Aikido will increase fitness as well as improve body and mind co-ordination. The body becomes more supple and agile, as you become more aware of how to apply the efficient physical principles of Aikido. Regular practice will develop greater sensitivity and attention to action in the moment while remaining calm and centred, you will improve posture and sense of balance and gain an increased self-confidence. You will learn a range of techniques using locks, holds, throws and strikes to respond to various forms of attack. Learning to receive and fall (known as ukemi) is essential in order to receive such techniques safely and to more fully enjoy the experience of Aikido. The study of Ki (energy) is also integral to understanding the deeper practice of Aikido.

Getting Started: There is no need to have a high level of physical fitness or any martial arts experience to begin. Wear loose comfortable clothing that covers knees and elbows to your first class. The beginners class is a great way to start, and we have a great introductory offer to help you get a taste.

Aside from gaining the benefits of Aikido training over time you will also progress through a structured grading system of Kyu ranks and Yudansha black belt levels. Aiki-Centre is an independent dojo with the benefit of having associate and friendship links across the broader Aikido community and styles. There are no restrictive organisational membership criteria, joining or annual memberships fees at Aiki-Centre.

Aiki-Centre regularly hosts intensive seminars and guest instructors providing students with a broader and deeper understanding of Aikido practice reflecting the teaching of O'Sensei, Morihei Uyeshiba the Founder of Aikido.

Download the Aiki-Centre - Training information for children and adults, rates, beginner options, class times.

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Aiki-Kids classes for children offers the opportunity to gain the physical and mental benefits of Aikido in a fun and enthusiastic learning environment structured specifically for their needs. Our approach is to encourage children to utilise and enhance their natural ability to blend and move, and to develop co-operativeness with each other. Importantly children also need to learn how to calm their minds and body.

At Aiki-Centre children learn skills to enhance health, safety and wellbeing.

In addition to learning the principles and techniques of Aikido such as falling safely, use of Ki (energy) we also include practical and clear personal safety skills, such as verbal assertiveness, conflict resolution and safety advice for young people. We reinforce the view that fighting is not self defence.

Aiki-Kids from 5yrs of age and Teens

See timetable for class details.

Children can join the Aiki-Kids classes at any time during the year. We continue Aiki-Kids training as usual during end of term school holidays (except at the end of the year).


Aiki-Teens can also enjoy all the benefits of Aikido but they need the right class to join. Some prefer a more serious adult type class while others prefer the less pressure of the Aiki-Kids and teens group. Older teenagers 16+ are permitted to train in the Adult classes. Assessing the appropriate class can be discussed with Sensei. Please contact us to find out more, or come and watch a class.

Aiki-Centre Glenferrie Rd. Festival Demonstration / Children sitting in zeisa practicing being calm and centered.


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Aiki-Kids Classes

Children are welcome to join our classes at anytime during the year.

Aiki-Adult Classes

...and for adults this is a great time of the year to start. Check our

'Try Aikido Intro Offer'

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Great way to start or finish the day, get fit and feel and look great. Check our session times.

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